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Only 20 lbs. for 14 months?

How much stuff is 20 lbs.?

When flying, weight is extremely important. On our 14 month expedition we have to take lots and lots of gear. So how will we manage what gear we have to take within the weight limits of the GA8AirVan?

To start we needed to decide exactly what weight limit we had. We started by looking at the useful load of the aircraft with 5 seats in it at full fuel. Having full fuel means that we can carry less gear, but we can travel further, so it's a sacrifice we have to make. Taking the useful load at full fuel, we subtracted our combined weight to end up with a final number. It was then a matter of deciding what gear to bring and having it stay under that limit.

To manage the weight of our gear, we have split what we're brining into different categories and set harsh limits for what weight that gear can be. We will be taking camping gear, survival equipment, cameras/photography equipment, sports equipment, tools, supplies and more.

We also need to bring personal equipment, like clothes, shoes and toiletries. To fit the weight limit, each crew member is limited to 20 lbs. of personal gear for the entirety of our 14 month expedition.

That doesn't seam like much. Think about you cloths, toiletries and everything you use on a day to day basis. Is it under 20 lbs.? I know what I use isn't.

I wanted to see how much stuff I could fit into a duffel bad and have it stay under 20 lbs. It turned out to be more than I thought.

** The gear and bag in this video are not what I am brining on the expedition.

In the end, this is what I was able to fit into the bag and have it be around 23 lbs.

In this video the weight limit does go over 20 pounds, so it isn't an exact representation of what you could bring, however, it does give a good idea. Personally, I was surprised at the amount I could put in the bag and have it be under 20 lbs.

20 pounds is not a lot of personal belongings to have for over a year, but I am excited to be able to carry everything I need in a backpack.

Do you think you could live with 20 lbs. of personal belongings for a year? Let us know!

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