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Dear friends of 5intheSky,

One of the 5intheSky team/family members was recently diagnosed with a potentially serious health issue. The entire family/team has travelled back to Vancouver, Canada. Our expedition to fly a single engine aircraft around-the-world is, unfortunately, now on hold. Thank you for your continued support.

- the 5intheSky team

We are flying around the world in a single engine aircraft!

Our family of 5 is on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition where we are flying around the world (completely VFR and with no autopilot) for 14 months and documenting sharing our experiences as we go! To help give back, we have a goal of raising money and awareness for the global charity SOS Children's Villages. A family of 5 has never flown around the world in a single engine aircraft before, and we want YOU to join us for this adventure of a lifetime!

Where are we flying? Where have we gone?  Go check out the 'ROUTE' section to learn more!

So... Who Are We?

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We are a Canadian family of 5 who loves adventure travel! Learn a bit more about us by clicking below!


aka Moose

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Moose is a Gippsaero GA8 AirVan equipped with a Lycoming IO-540 turbonormalized engine. This beauty was built to be practical, being used for cargo, search & rescue, and skydiving. We've removed 3 of the 8 seats, and also attached a cargo pod to the bottom to make room for our junk. Even with the extra space, we are all still limited to 20 lbs of personal gear per person. We're traveling light!

Read more about Moose, the gear we're bringing and more HERE

Our Charitable Partner


5intheSky has partnered with the global charity SOS Children's Villages, both to help raise awareness of SOS Children's Villages and to raise money for their programs across the globe. 100% of ALL donations made to 5intheSky go DIRECTLY to SOS Children's Villages.

YOU Can Help

Please join us in helping children and families all around the world by supporting the 5intheSKy expedition. We invite you to follow along as we circle the globe! Get involved today by becoming a sponsor or donating to SOS Children's Villages HERE. Other ways to help include spreading the word about SOS Children's Villages, sponsoring a child, volunteering, and even just researching more about your local village. 


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