Our Route

It's ambitious, it's unique, and it is subject to change, but it's going to be awesome!

We are going low and slow, and will be making a point of seeking out those hard-to-get-to places  that few people get to visit.


June 2022 to August 2023 (approximately 14 months)

Departing Vancouver, BC Canada and touching down in 50+ countries through North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The exact route will evolve, even as the expedition is underway.

Our intended route is roughly divided into two BIG Stages.


In Stage 1 we’ll leave Vancouver, Canada (large, unmarked dot on map) in late June and fly across Canada, through the United States before continuing south to Florida. We’ll then head to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, and then continue island hopping southwards through the Caribbean to northern South America. In August and September we’ll fly within Brazil and northern Argentina before heading south to the Patagonia region for December. By January 2023 we’ll be leaving Chile to head north to Colombia. In March we’ll be in Central America and Mexico and will return through the US to fly to eastern Canada by mid-April in preparation for Stage 2.


In Stage 2 we’ll cross the North Atlantic via Greenland and Iceland in late-April 2023. We intend to spend 2-3 weeks flying across Europe before heading to Egypt, the middle–East, India and onwards to Japan. Next we will travel through Eastern Russia to cross the Bering Strait into Alaska by late-July. We’ll then tour Alaska, the Yukon and northern BC before heading south to Vancouver before the end of August 2023. In total the expedition will cover over 40,000 Nautical miles or approximately 70,000 kilometers through more than 50 countries.

Global Antipodes

A global antipode is the exact opposite location of any location in the world.


To truly achieve an RTW (round the world)  flight, the team must navigate to two antipodal locations on the planet. Our chosen antipodal locations (at this time) are Lima, Peru and near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 



Global Antipode Finder

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Find a city directly on the opposite side of the world from you!

How We Decided Our Route


Safety is our #1 concern for the entire trip. This means that we will be avoiding long stretches of flying over large bodies of water and fly when we feel it is safe. Because we are not aiming to break any records, we can take out time while flying. For any reason, we can delay our departure until we are comfortable, whether it be because of weather or any other reason. 


When travelling around the world, accommodation ends up taking a large portion of the budget. To avoid extremely high prices we tried to plan our route to follow the "off" or "shoulder" season of popular destinations. We will also try to avoid bigger cities and try to find the hidden gems of the world!


Weather directly determines when are where we fly. As we are flying completely VFR (visual flight rules) we have to stay in good weather and out of the clouds. If a region is getting bad weather, we simply wont go there and divert somewhere else. Because weather changes so rapidly and is hard to predict, we often end up booking a hotel right when we arrive somewhere because we can never be sure we're going to get there. 

Personal Interest

Our route will deviate based on places, towns, events or activities that are of extreme interest to our team! If we se something that we all believe we should participate in, or there's an opportunity comes we will deviate from our planned route! 


Our plane runs off of AVGAS which is not available everywhere. Our route follows where AVGAS is available. In more rural areas or countries where there is less general aviation, AVGAS 100LL availability will play a larger role in determining our route. 

Countries Visited so Far


Canada - United States of America - the Bahamas - Dominican Republic - US Virgin Islands - Guadeloupe - Grenada - Guyana - Brazil - Bolivia - Argentina - 

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Our Route is Always Subject to Change

The above route is an estimation of where we will travel. The actual route will evolve as the expedition continues.