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The Cargo Pod

The five of us and all our gear will be flying around the world in our GA8 AirVan. with all of us together, we take up quite a bit of space. The GA8AirVan is big, but not that big, so that's why we have attached the cargo pod to the bottom of the plane.

The cargo pod is an optional addition to the plane. It can carry up to 440lbs and items up to 8 feet long (as long as it fits with the weight and balance). The cargo pod mounts to the belly of the plane and has 3 access doors, 2 on the same side and one at the back. The 2 side doors are great for quickly pulling a bag or two out and the back hatch is mainly for loading. The bottom on the plane is relatively flat, so it doesn't impeach on any cargo-pod storage.

The cargo pod is made of an advanced composite material and can be installed or removed in the field.

Here's a quick video Samantha made about the basics of the cargo pod.

The cargo pod will store items and gear that we do not use daily or need in the cockpit. There will still be gear in the cockpit, but the cargo pod will help keep our area decluttered.

Keeping our area clean and clear will actually make our expedition more safe.

In the event of an emergency, exiting the aircraft is a quick and simple manner is crucial. If there was gear blocking the exit or prohibiting movement it could be very dangerous.

If you look at the video above, the cargo pod makes the plane look more clunky and awkward. Believe it or not, the cargo pod has relatively no effect on airspeed and makes the plane slightly more aerodynamic! Theoretically it could make the planes average cruising speed increase by 1 knot.

Overall, the cargo pod is a great addition to the plane. It will keep our gear out of the way and safe while we are flying, providing we remember to close the hatches ;)


Samantha, Christopher and Ian all leave around June 16, which is coming up quickly. Remember to follow our social media, check out our Facebook, and email us if you have any questions!

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