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Sketches of the AirVan

#sketching #AirVan

Before we leave, our 93 year old grandpa wanted to come out and sketch the GA8 AirVan we will be flying around the world in.

He's been an architect for around 65 years and is behind many of the iconic buildings around Vancouver. He's been going around Vancouver with his iPad, pen and his collapsible stool to sketch planes, boats and more. Recently, even had a gallery at the Maritime museum.

Because we leave in around 2 weeks, we got grandpa out to sketch the plane.

Here's the quick video Samantha made about it.

He's always loved planes and aviation, especially seaplanes. He really likes our GA8 AirVan, and is ecstatic to see f in action, circumnavigating the globe.

Here are just a few of his drawings:

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