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We're Off! Departure, Live Tracker and more!

3 of our 5 team members have left for the expedition!

We're off! 5intheSky has left Pitt Meadows, BC and in en route for the expedition, heading up north to start!

Christopher, Samantha and Ian have left Pitt Meadows, and are now heading north for the first part of the expedition!

Media out at Pitt Meadows for our departure!

Early this morning (June 15), we went out to Pitt Meadows to pack up the GA8 AirVan and double check all our gear.

As today was our departure date, a few media outlets met us at Pitt Meadows airport to come say goodbye. The Vancouver Sun, Global TV and CTV all came out and talked to us, got some footage of the plane and interviewed us. It was all an amazing experience, and the stories should be coming out in the next few weeks, so keep an eye our for that! ; )

Samantha, Christopher and Ian all left to head north. They will be heading up to Tuktuyaaqtuuq and Inuvik before heading to Churchill Manitoba, then onwards to Newfoundland where they will meet Sydney and Michelle.

Thank you to everyone who has been following us leading up to the departure, and thank you to everyone who came out to Pitt Meadows to say goodbye! We can't wait to get going on this expedition and show you all the cool things we'll see.

Additionally, our live tracker is now up! Look at the homepage to see the progress live. The live tracker updates every 6 minutes, and it's one of the ways we will be staying safe and connected! It works best on computers, but we are working to optimize it for mobile devices!

Here is a direct link to follow 5intheSky!

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